Anxiety, let’s talk about it

I currently live in a house share. I am told not to alter the setting of the washing machine, I am not allowed to use the fridge, freezer or the dishwasher in the kitchen. I have no access to change the heating thermostat and there are a large set of drawers in my rented room... Continue Reading →


Editor to PR and back again

What a difference a few years can make. If someone would have told me two years ago that in 2018 I would be sitting in a PR role, I would have laughed in their face. Of course, there's nothing wrong with PR,  but it was my understanding back then that there is no job in... Continue Reading →

9 tips for running the London Marathon

There's a lot of reading material online about how to mentally and physically get through a marathon, and some articles are more scaremongering than others. With the 2018 London Marathon just less than 24 hours away,  here are my top 9 tips on how to get through the 26.2-mile race with a smile on your face...... Continue Reading →

Avia Edition for Slamp by Zaha Hadid Design

Slamp and Zaha Hadid Design present the Avia Edition, a vibrant new collection of the chandelier series handcrafted in three different shades - turquoise, blue and ultramarine. Avia Edition is a limited-edition series of only 99 chandeliers in each of the three colours. The Avia chandeliers embody the originality of Hadid’s architecture, integrating design complexity... Continue Reading →

Work hard, play hard kitchen design

Blending modern personality around traditional features has created an elegant look and feel into this young couple’s stunning new kitchen… For newlyweds Harry and Patricia Hanning, the real heart and soul of any home is the kitchen, which incidentally is where you will most likely find this young professional couple. Living in a four-bedroom house... Continue Reading →

Fluid design, seamless collaboration

In the heart of a bustling trade show in Munich, Germany, something wonderful just happened. Two companies, both of which would usually operate in opposing worlds to one another, share a stage. There's fizz, canapés and a few speeches before a new relationship is sealed - one with tangible and, now that I think of... Continue Reading →

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