NYE adventures in the land of fire and ice

Iceland is a cool place to spend New Years Eve - and I’m not just referring to the sub-zero blistering winds that hit you as soon as you leave the airport doors. It’s no secret either.  BA Highlife stated that it was “one of the coolest places to visit”. Validating this was Benedict Cumberbatch -... Continue Reading →


48 Hours In New York City

Considering the vast number of NYC tourist traps, some think that considerable time and effort needs to be invested into exploring the concrete jungle of Manhattan. These people  clearly haven’t travelled with me. Although, I will agree that it’s far more relaxed for those who have the luxury of expendable holiday days to take. For... Continue Reading →

Backflips and yoga in Barbados

Before we created L’Atitude 13° North Barbados Beach and Wellness Festival, only those who knew where to look would be able to experience the thriving wellness scene in Barbados. Rich with every type of yoga, and so more, the island is home to some incredible people - the type of people that dare you not... Continue Reading →

Barbados Reveals Its Best Kept Secret

Enjoy the Caribbean on a shoestring this September with the free-to-attend L’Atitude 13° North Barbados Beach and Wellness Festival… Until now, Barbados’ beach and wellness scene has remained locked among its humble roots. It was only accessible for the few namely the locals who had earned the right to breath deeply under stretched-open palms at... Continue Reading →

Jungle life deep in the amazing Amazon!

I’m in between two extremes and it’s absolutely incredible to the point that I can’t quite believe what my eyes are witnessing. Untouched jungle sits behind me while a city freezes  under an impressive lightning display up ahead. Thundering towards it at speed is us, not yet under showers but anxiously prepared for the inevitable... Continue Reading →

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