Two days walking like an Egyptian in Cairo

Strap in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride... We were in Cairo for a few days. Granted, it wasn’t the first place that sprang to mind when searching for a winter get-away, especially with the mass of red tape that currently surrounds the region after a number of terrorist attacks. But it was the... Continue Reading →


#lovewins when we step out of our comfort zone

It is one hell of a juxtaposition; in the same week when the UK was in the spotlight when its people decided that the country was ‘stronger on its own’ – its capital city, who voted to remain in the EU, offered open arms to all who wish to live and celebrate unity in peace. What was... Continue Reading →

Sticks and stones

I wouldn't normally sit down and read a Katie Hopkins column, but the photo of her bleeding face in the Daily Mail made me question what had happened, how it had happened and her point... I didn't get to the cause of her injury, but I did enjoy reading her views for once. She celebrated... Continue Reading →

Music’s home in Munich

Dive into the history books and you will read much about the Bavarian city’s seeded and often misunderstood past. It was here where Hitler formed his hateful propaganda, but Munich today is light years away from when the Nazi party were in power. You would think that the city’s disturbing history would cast a dark... Continue Reading →

When will Russia learn?

It always impresses me how easy it is to catch up on the latest news when in Central London. Before I could even whip out my smartphone to check the latest happenings in the world, it is just easier to join the commuters and pick up the free papers that are scattered in and around... Continue Reading →

Remove the mask

We have become a society full of superheroes. The mask will hide our identity to protect the ones we love. Although the mask is necessary, atmospheric and powerful, the metaphor suggests an insecurity that turns out to be far deeper than face value. A recent survey revealed that 80% of women would wait an entire... Continue Reading →

Like a child in a toy shop

The boy fascinates me, he hates going shopping for things that he doesn’t need, hates spending money on the things that are deemed luxury, but when we come across a new antique shop… My word, nothing would satisfy Jason more than a run down old shop selling over priced tat. He is like a child... Continue Reading →

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