Sticks and stones

I wouldn’t normally sit down and read a Katie Hopkins column, but the photo of her bleeding face in the Daily Mail made me question what had happened, how it had happened and her point… I didn’t get to the cause of her injury, but I did enjoy reading her views for once. She celebrated … More Sticks and stones

Review: Cucumber & Banana – testing your tastebuds?

In two new dramas, once again Russell T Davies fits modern stereotypes of gay Britain into his work, but how many labels can you fit in a three-letter word? Russell T Davies is known to not shy away from controversy. Although I loved watching Queer As Folk (admittedly about ten years after it was first … More Review: Cucumber & Banana – testing your tastebuds?

Remove the mask

We have become a society full of superheroes. The mask will hide our identity to protect the ones we love. Although the mask is necessary, atmospheric and powerful, the metaphor suggests an insecurity that turns out to be far deeper than face value. A recent survey revealed that 80% of women would wait an entire … More Remove the mask