Barbados Reveals Its Best Kept Secret

Enjoy the Caribbean on a shoestring this September with the free-to-attend L’Atitude 13° North Barbados Beach and Wellness Festival…

Until now, Barbados’ beach and wellness scene has remained locked among its humble roots. It was only accessible for the few namely the locals who had earned the right to breath deeply under stretched-open palms at sunset. Of course, as a visitor you could lie horizontal on the beach and enjoy the famous rum punches, but unless you knew where to look – where to really look – you would probably walk right past the island’s alive authentic beach and wellness communities, which live across the many shorelines.

This year, for the first time in the island’s history, on the 2nd and 3rd of September,  Barbados will finally reveal its zingy zen in a fabulous festival format that will bring together wellness experts and local music artists from all four corners of the island. L’Atitude 13° North Barbados Beach and Wellness Festival will celebrate the authenticity of beautiful Barbados and showcase the island in the way the locals have seen it for decades. Complete with live Bajan music, healthy food and drink stalls, and enough feel-good vibes to go around for everyone, the island – and its people – welcome you with open arms.


Sounds pricey, right? Wrong. Although no expense has been spared with the sheer number of talented individuals who are involved, the festival itself is actually free to attend and people of all ages are welcome. That’s right, this September, just off Needham’s Point in Bridgetown, you, your family, your friends – and anyone else you can drag away from the UK September blues – can enjoy the Caribbean on a shoestring.

Set to unfold on the pristine-white beaches, the festival will bring together an eclectic and vibrant mix of local talent including all types of yoga, meditation, fitness classes and beach activities. “Above all else, we are excited for those who are visiting the island for the festival, as they will experience the authentic wellness scene on Barbados in all its glory,” said Cheryl Carter, UK Director of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI).

Think ‘health Coachella’, I was told when I was first sold the concept of a beach and wellness festival in the Caribbean. Only, instead of standing on someone’s shoulders – struggling to make out which artist on stage is in the soaring heat of California – I was told that I would be stood on a paddleboard attempting downward facing dog, all while listening to live, soulful Bajan music.


With just months left to wait until the spotlight will be shone on the beaches of Barbados, the original concept of an authentic festival is shaping itself into a rather beautiful landscape. L’Atitude 13° North Barbados Beach and Wellness Festival – already being hailed the beach and wellness festival of the Caribbean – has just announced its fabulous line-up of local artists and wellness experts.

Confirmed music artists include:

Biggie Irie – A popular name among the locals, Biggie Irie has a powerful, commanding stage presence, and many know him as the founding member of Reggae band, The Splashband. Biggie will be bringing his Bajan reggae vibes centre-stage for all to enjoy.

Debbie Reifer – A true soul singer, Debbie Reifer’s style is heavily influenced by the likes of Sade and Corrine Bailey Rae, and she has often been compared to Nora Jones. Her “musical therapy for the soul” is a perfect fit for the beach and wellness festival.

David Kirton – With a singing style that is a hybrid of Jamaican and Bajan influences, David Kirton is an emerging, modern-root reggae singer.

Israel Lovell Foundation – The well-known Bajan charity will invite its energetic troop of dancers and drummers to the stage, showcasing an upbeat, lively performance.

DJ D.Luxe – Spanish-born, Chicago-raised DJ D.Luxe will bring her eclectic mix of
musical fusion to the stage, from House to Trill, to Afro / Latin / Brazilian, to Funk /

Dave Collins, whose portfolio includes performing for royalty and heads of states, will play an acoustic beach set around a BBQ and sunset-facing bonfire.
In addition to the thriving music programme, L’Atitude 13° North Barbados Beach and Wellness Festival will welcome an skilled group of wellness experts from all corners of the island. Visitors to the festival can participate in fusion of yoga classes, fitness classes, beach activities and various speakeasy talks run by local practitioners:

And the yoga and wellness experts are: 

Christy Punnett is the founder of Livity Bowspring, and will offer a class in Bowspring yoga, which enhances natural posture, as well as giving speakeasy talks discussing mindfulness, accountability and compassion.

Julie McNeel is a professional health and wellness coach and will bring her background and experiences in holistic nutrition, yoga and organic gardening to her talk.

Melodie Richardson will lead the lesser-known, rock-inspired class of Rock Om Yoga.

Lana Sealy is a dancer, Pilates instructor and a Bajan yogi and will run a Pilates class during the festival.

Pamela Harris will offer Anusara-inspired yoga as well as integrated yoga therapy and wellness.

Kaya Cole will lead a child-friendly yoga class for junior visitors.

Clare Haynes is a health advocate. She will discuss the value of a nutritional, organic
diet, and how to shift towards a healthier lifestyle.

Stef Lemieux – Ever since discovering yoga in 1999, Stef has been a dedicated yogi,
and will bring her years of experience to the SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) yoga
classes, bringing together her love of both open water and yoga.

Jennifer Jones has been practising and teaching pilates since 2013, and always
brings an element of fun and excitement to every session. Her class will fuse
together her knowledge of pilates, yoga and general life experience.

Manuela Capursi is a certified BodyTalk practitioner, and will be discussing her
experience in effective holistic therapy, whereby the body restores its ability to heal
and fix itself.

Tory Miell will be offering a class in Bowspring yoga, encouraging her class to free
and release stress in the body.

To find out more about L’Atitude 13° North Barbados Beach and Wellness Festival head over to 


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