24 hours in Myanmar – the journey awaits…

Not so long ago, Myanmar (formally known as Burma) was a completely different place politically. It was in a tight-shackled dictatorship but with all great historic events, the people demanded change. Usually with such stories, we expect a detailed account amassing to years worth of hard labour to transform an image and social norms. But... Continue Reading →


Why the F$#% do we swear so much to explain ourselves?

There is nothing more satisfying than yelling the F-bomb at the top of your lungs in the middle of a bustling city midway through a really rubbish day. Ignoring the dagger stares that reflect off mothers' faces as they walk their children home from school, it's the best f-ing therapy ever! Some would argue that... Continue Reading →

The confessions of a normal childhood

Ironically, some of the best authors in history lived pretty horrendous lives. Sylvia Plath and Oscar Wilde, for example, were probably angry when their quills first scarred the manuscript. The words that were crafted sparked emotion, satire and a clever dose of shaming the inequality that leaked in society around them. Grouped together in a... Continue Reading →

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