Meet the parents, the real deal

How things have changed…

Life is made up out of personal milestones. Promotions, relationships, academic achievements and so forth. Receiving a picture message from your boyfriend showing a greetings card with the words, “For a brilliant son and his boyfriend” was one of those moments.

Okay, so neither one of us was given this card by our parents, but even the fact that a card so wonderful made it through all of those hoops to land on the shelf of a large department store is, alone, something incredible.

Another milestone I climbed up to this weekend was when my new boyfriend met my family for the first time. Now this wouldn’t usually be a big deal, and it certainly wouldn’t have received a post, but considering we travelled hundreds of miles for the occasion, and he’s honestly one in a million, this was momentous.

Some things are best left unsaid. How happy I was that my brothers and my dad were meeting the guy I have completely fallen head over heels for, for example. We arrived at the house and my casual side soon opened up, as did a bottle of beer, followed by a bottle of wine and another two after that. Dad was proud to see me and meet the man who makes me so happy.

They say that alcohol is best served in a social setting. Well, after the amount we all consumed that Friday night, it was either entertaining and socialistic or we all needed hydrating from the week leading up to this moment. The fact that I can’t quite remember the night hopefully paints the picture to your satisfaction.

The morning after the night before and usually breakfast would be on the cards, but considering the fact that the majority of those enlisted in such activities could hardly walk, it was best to leave everyone to it.

Aside from the sore head, it was a fantastic weekend and I can’t help but look back to how far we’ve come. There was a time when coming out was a faint dream, and an uncertain one at that. Now, nine years later, I have proven to my parents, and those who matter most, that I have made great decisions for myself and the future.

It’s true what they say; life is full of milestones, some of which you have to make yourself. Oh, I almost forgot… The parents love the new man, and vice versa!

The rest is history, but I’m still yet to meet his ‘rents… The plot thickens.


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