The day after the night before in the newsroom

Yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s future… Today, we are making history.

Working in the newsroom the night of the election sounds tough. No sleep, coffee overload and rumours coming from all directions. Luckily for me, I wasn’t on the graveyard shift on November 8, 2016. Instead, I was working the day after the night before, which take it from me, is just as challenging. So the results are in, Donald Trump has been voted as America’s new president and despite my personal feelings on the man, the news cannot be biased so I put on a brave front as I start crafting headlines and pitching ideas for today’s engaging content.

Please allow me to explain. I’m not for one moment moaning about work; that would be extremely unprofessional of me. In fact, I love the fact that I’m able to puzzle words into stories that are then read by so many people. I enjoy the creativity required in order to make news informative and entertaining. In case it wasn’t clear, I love the career I chose and days like these should be treasured as an exceptional opportunity. Not tarnished with negativity.

But, and there’s always a ‘but’, being on duty the day after such an intense climax is a challenge. First, you are faced with crafting articles and tapping into thinking laterally on next to no sleep thanks to your curious nature not being able to put Twitter away as the poll results came flooding in all night. ‘Refresh, retweet, like. Refresh, retweet, like. Refresh, retweet, like. Refresh, retweet, like’. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, every idea that sparks for an angle to every story you write while on your shift is going to have the same undertone. Defeat, loss and politics.

This year it was Trump who offended the context of every sentence I wrote and I was trumping tired of it within 10 minutes of clocking in. Even writing a serious piece about men suffering from premature ejaculation didn’t stop the new President Elect from being embedded somewhere on the page. Admittedly though, once it was written, the bold Republican was erased and the piece ran clean. Wouldn’t life be great if you could erase thoughts in the same way you can on the dynamic Microsoft Word? Just hold down a key on your keyboard and every negative trace of it vanishes forever.

I don’t blame the guys in the office who work tirelessly to source these stories. Nor do I blame my editor who assigns me to them. I blame myself, and the American people for that matter. My inability to ‘let it go’ has got me in this mess and getting worked up over the recent result is only going to make matters worse. Not just for the quality of my work, but also my frown lines that have started to emerge on my forehead.

Luckily, today is a new day. The world may not yet be tired of talking about the recent future but slowly, Trump will filter through headlines and becoming diluted from other shocking news from around the world. Or he will decide to build a 40 ft wall. In that case, we have an interesting few years ahead of us.

Lastly, I read the comments after my articles when they go live. Not all of them, but I read a selection. I understand that you no longer want to hear about Trump or International politics for a while. I hear your ‘left wing moron’ insults that fly in my direction. Don’t shoot the messenger though who is just doing his/her job.


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