It’s over to you, America

“Making America great again” or “stronger together”?

Vote for the idiot who shouts the loudest and who has no answers to anyone’s problems, said nobody, ever. Not that the alternative is any more trustworthy…

The only thing I can think of to make the US Presidential election more dramatic is putting both nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in the ring with Conor McGregor. Hopefully he will knock some sense into them both and they will both uniformly stand down and make way for someone who would lead the nation into a blissful future. What’s Dwayne Johnson doing for the next four or so years?

Unfortunately, that’s not an option.

This general election has arguably been the messiest in recent history. Leaked emails on one side and a dug out pervy quotes on the other – in each lane both parties have done pretty much everything they can to trip the opponent up in the race to White House.

Some would go as far to say that neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump have what it takes to be the President of the United States of America. Others would argue that the candidates themselves are irrelevant; it’s all part of a much deeper issue.

The people want their voice heard again. Personally, I think it’s worrying to think from hearing Trump’s persuasive rhetoric at various rallies across all 50 states, many in America believe the answer lies with voting him as President.

Regarding international business, voting Clinton would be a safe bet. She would like to continue growth overseas, whereas Trump would rather take a nationalised stance. At its worst, Trump’s leadership could create an international trade war. At it’s best, the European leaders should not expect any favours from him.

But as far as change is concerned, voting Trump offers remodelling of how things are done in the White House. Rightly or wrongly, he hasn’t been shy when airing his opinions on what he thinks of the current state of affairs. It’s not working in his view and change is what America needs. His bolshy statements may be persuasive, but has he actually put any solutions forward?

Although from his previous speeches, he seems to favour Britain over other European countries, when it comes to business, Trump is nobody’s friend. He aims to “make America great again” by making more nationalist decisions. Basically, if America does not benefit, he ain’t interested. On the other side, Clinton believes that a “stronger together” approach is what is needed.

But from what’s been leaked on both sides recently, can either of them be trusted to lead what is seen as the most powerful nation on Earth?

Your move, America…


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