Meet the parents, the real deal

How things have changed... Life is made up out of personal milestones. Promotions, relationships, academic achievements and so forth. Receiving a picture message from your boyfriend showing a greetings card with the words, "For a brilliant son and his boyfriend" was one of those moments. Okay, so neither one of us was given this card... Continue Reading →


The day after the night before in the newsroom

Yesterday's news is tomorrow's future... Today, we are making history. Working in the newsroom the night of the election sounds tough. No sleep, coffee overload and rumours coming from all directions. Luckily for me, I wasn't on the graveyard shift on November 8, 2016. Instead, I was working the day after the night before, which... Continue Reading →

It’s over to you, America

"Making America great again" or "stronger together"? Vote for the idiot who shouts the loudest and who has no answers to anyone's problems, said nobody, ever. Not that the alternative is any more trustworthy... The only thing I can think of to make the US Presidential election more dramatic is putting both nominees, Hillary Clinton... Continue Reading →

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