#lovewins when we step out of our comfort zone

It is one hell of a juxtaposition; in the same week when the UK was in the spotlight when its people decided that the country was ‘stronger on its own’ – its capital city, who voted to remain in the EU, offered open arms to all who wish to live and celebrate unity in peace. What was it about this year’s London Pride that grabbed the attention of so many headlines? The community felt stronger than ever and celebrations went far beyond what was happening in London. The event came one week after the London stood still in Old Compton Street in Soho to remember the innocent victims of the Orlando shooting. The timing to put on such a public front that #lovewins couldn’t have been more apt, and as crowds gathered to witness the ever-so-colourful parade, it became clear that this event was about solidarity and community.

Many decided to show how #lovewins – one cop went further to broke formation in order to propose to his boyfriend. It’s moments like these, when we see these acts attract viral attention, which go on to reaffirm the need for stepping outside of our comfort zones from time to time. The gesture won the hearts of many and it soon became one of the most talked about events of the day.

I haven’t yet posted about the recent attack in Orlando, but I feel that now Pride has arguably become even more significant to so many people from all over the world, it is about time to shed some light onto how such a tight-knit community can move on from the horror.

Gay, Lesbian, Bi or Trans. If nothing else, we all have one thing in common; we have all witnessed homophobic behaviour, however subtle that may be. How we react is a different matter entirely. Some may brush it off, others will fight their own corner and give as good as they get. Some will self implode and others laugh along. It has become apparent that the abuse will not stop until the community, which forms the backdrop of too many LGBT attacks, stands up for the unpopular. It is events such as Pride – and vigils such as the one  held last week in Soho – that fly the flag for the masses to teach them that #lovewins – it provides the opportunity for individuals, no matter what their sexual orientation, to step outside of their comfort zone and be who they were born to be, happy, alive, compassionate individuals !

Recently, it has been important for me to push myself further to take a new route. Moving house is one thing, but moving to the other side of the country is either really brave or really stupid (I haven’t worked out which one yet). Regardless, I am so ready to move my life, start a new job and settle in up North. Change is a welcome step if it is initiated from a confident person! In light of these truly horrific events that are happening in our world we live in today, we should not turn down an opportunity to change the things that prevent us from being happy.




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