Make you own decisions

“Should I stay  or should I go now?” – a question that could not be more fitting as we approach the 23rd June 2016. A day that could make or break our relationship with Europe and the rest of the world. Regardless on what the result shows, I think everyone can agree that it has been a rollercoaster of a ride for all who have campaigned. Furthermore, in light of recent events, Jo Cox’s tragic and unjust murder, I truly believe that we all have a duty as citizens of this country to give our votes and not feel scared to choose a side.

In the last few weeks I have witnessed the campaigns for both sides taking to social media platforms. This is all very well and good, but are we not just a little bit tired of reading pushy statuses that broadcast opinions onto other people’s timelines? I am all for education and sharing news that will teach others, but when it comes to political issues such as the EU Referendum, people who are made to feel stupid won’t ask necessary questions they feel they need answers to before forming their vote. Do we want these people to feel stupid and unsure? I say ‘NO’. It sickens me to see the humiliation that some people have faced when offering a new perspective over the situation that, let’s face it, it has been overshadowed by predictions and forecasts as long as your arm. Don’t get me wrong, humour is different. Of course light-hearted digs that hint your point of view towards the subject are acceptable. Educate, inform and entertain but calling people out as ‘idiots’ or ‘uneducated’ is just plain rude.

Tomorrow is your day to have your say. Cross the box that YOU – and YOU alone – believe will be the best decision for Europe and UK.

I have realised recently that the finest decisions are made and projected with conviction. In life there are some things you have to decide on your own. I came to this conclusion when deciding how the next chapter of my life would start. The Clash’s “Should I stay or should I go now?” lyrics couldn’t be more fitting as I write this post late at night. But it’s also a celebration that we have equal rights and our say is important. All I know is that I have made up mind on both matters and I respect the opinions of those around me that do not agree with my vote. But please, as I have done with you for the sake of gaging a true calculation on whether Britain wants to remain or leave the EU, keep your scare tactics and malicious, bullish comments to yourself. Show some dignity and appreciate that everyones’ vote counts! For that reason, I love democracy and X marks the spot 🙂




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