My travel essentials


I’m never too fussed about what I wear to the airport. I have never quite understood the need for major glamour within the terminal building. Of course, I care about my appearance, but comfort is my first essential when travelling. After waking up early and usually rushing to get to the gate on time once the ‘final boarding’ announcement is called, I want to feel as relaxed as possible. I used to be that person who is queuing at the gate to board first. Not now though. Since they introduced allocated seats – and the novelty of boarding an aircraft has diminished – I have no need to pile into an unnecessary queue. I’d rather sit back and wait until line has shortened.

I like to keep my hands free so I have recently purchased a French Connection double-buckled rucksack. Not only is it ergonomic, it is also a lighter way to carry everything, leaving my hands free to browse the shops. If I can avoid airport drama I will. Therefore I believe that planning in advance is essential for a stressless trip. I don’t wear belts to the airport and ensure that my liquids are already in a plastic bag. I only focus on the things that I can control, the rest will fall into place. And if it doesn’t, then it’s not my fault.

So you’re going away; work or pleasure – you decide. One person is telling you to pack light and just purchase what you need in the airport. The other is advising you you to pack everything you think you might possibly need and then some. Do you want my advice? Pack what you need and throw in what will distract you should you run into any delays on your journey. Keep your hand luggage simple. After much practice and many fails, here is my verdict on hand luggage essentials…

  1. Travel documents holder – I didn’t see the benefits of a travel documents holder until I was given one by Peninsula Hotels. Since then, it goes everywhere with me and keeps my passport, boarding card and currency safe. I always make sure it is secure in my bag.
  2. Kiehls moisturiser – it is by far the most effective product on the market. Yes it’s pricey but it lasts long and is so worth it.
  3. My lucky stone – an incredible lady gave me this stone when I was at university. She said it brings with it luck and success. It’s been in my bag ever since and hasn’t missed a flight yet.
  4. Hair product – don’t ask, it’s just always packed in my hand luggage. I would hate for an airline to lose my baggage and leave me with flat hair.
  5. Optrex eye drops – dry eyes are my biggest bug bare when it comes to travelling.
  6. Ipad – there is no point having an iPad if you have forgotten to download your films/ tv shows. This ritual is done the night before each trip.
  7. Apple watch – it’s more organised than me and keeps me up to date with the headlines, my emails, my schedule and the weather.
  8. Suncream – better safe than sorry. Again, if my baggage was to not make it to the other end, at least I will be protected from harmful rays.
  9. Abercrombie and Fitch cologne – it’s hard to feel fresh on a long-haul flight at the best of times. Therefore I like to have my favourite smell nearby.
  10. Sunglasses – Raybans every time and I am the worst culprit for buying too many sunglasses in the airport.
  11. Hat – it’s not just a fashion choice. It’s great if you need to put something over your face to catch a few hours sleep on the plane or in the terminal if it comes to it.
  12. Headphones – my Sony headphones have got me through many delayed flights.

Having learnt the hard way, this checklist ensures that I have everything I need in order to make my journey as comfortable as can be so that I can concentrate on the really important stuff – my adventures and making memories!


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