Dusk 2 Dawn, Maidstone: Review

It opened in the centre of Maidstone and has gone on to become one of the most popular venues in the area. Since launch night, less than a year ago, Dusk 2 Dawn has played host to some of the town’s most talked-about events. It may be an infant as far as history is concerned, but its potential is unquestionable. Could it be possible that the young club could very soon take ‘alpha status’ as the ultimate club in Maidstone? Hamish Kilburn reviews…

Not even a year ago it was all just a concept. The idea – that had the potential to take on the county’s existing clubs to introduce partying till dawn – soon became a reality and a hit with the locals. The aptly named Dusk 2 Dawn club in Maidstone has taken Kent nightlife up a notch to host some of the best occasions Maidstone has ever seen. With the club having already headlined bands from likes of Wstrn and presented star-studded evenings such as TOWIE’s Pete Wicks’ birthday on Halloween, this is just the beginning as Dusk 2 Dawn settles in for a permanent residency.

Unlike any other club in the area, guests walk in under the iconic Dusk 2 Dawn sign and into a large seated courtyard. It’s an opportunity to pull up a chair, take the load off your feet and enjoy the hidden gem. Whether you want to experience some of the fine shisha that’s on offer, or simply soak up the summer sun, it’s one of the most social areas in the venue. At night, panelled heaters and outside speakers make it ideal to get fresh air without feeling penned in.

Inside, the club has an exceptional style that’s incomparable among existing nightclubs and bars in Maidstone. Its signature chandelier above the main entrance is the first sign of understated luxury. It has a reclined impression for daytime customers, which evolves into an energetic atmosphere once the sun goes down. Stand-alone quotes such as, ‘men to the left, women to the right,’ and ‘management have the right to dusk you out,’ are playful additions to light wood panelling and neutral walls. So, too, is the black and white sponsor board. A spacious, comfortable and raised VIP section is complete with flat-screen TVs, cosy sofas and its own exclusive drinks station for convenience.

The three bars in the venue are always well stocked and together are complete with popular spirits, mixers and a selection of beer – look out for the daily promotions on offer in order to get the best deals. As guests walk through the building the dance floor reveals itself. It’s the heart of the club – the hub if you like – where popular DJ’s keep the night fresh and on its toes.

For me, the club is what Maidstone was longing for. Its biggest and admired assets is that entry is free, the venue is secure with professional security throughout and guests are guaranteed a quality night from the moment they walk into the venue with friendly and attentive staff. Open seven days a week, Dusk 2 Dawn is more than just a club, it’s a chilled-out bar during the day and ensures that no one is left out of enjoying the venue, whatever the occasion.

To find out more, please visit https://www.facebook.com/dusk2dawnclub



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