Auschwitz, we must remember the six million plus

Out of the six million-plus men, women and children – mainly Jews – that were murdered during the holocaust, an estimated one and half million of them were killed in Auschwitz. After travelling to the two camps an hour drive from Kraków, Poland, Hamish Kilburn reports on his experience... I've been dreading this moment of having... Continue Reading →


My travel essentials

I'm never too fussed about what I wear to the airport. I have never quite understood the need for major glamour within the terminal building. Of course, I care about my appearance, but comfort is my first essential when travelling. After waking up early and usually rushing to get to the gate on time once the 'final boarding' announcement is... Continue Reading →

Dusk 2 Dawn, Maidstone: Review

It opened in the centre of Maidstone and has gone on to become one of the most popular venues in the area. Since launch night, less than a year ago, Dusk 2 Dawn has played host to some of the town’s most talked-about events. It may be an infant as far as history is concerned, but... Continue Reading →

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