A new dimension for our future

After tech fans from around the world returned from the annual CES2016 in Las Vegas, all of a sudden home automation, smart watches and the latest game console on the market are now in the history books and a new chapter is being written. In the past, we have seen how technological advancements significantly changes social interactivity. We saw devices become smaller and then larger again. The concept of converging technologies allowed us to use one product for multiple uses. Technology has even allowed us to control our homes through our smart phone, smart TVs or smart watches. Yet what if we have merely scratched the surface on the momental potential that technology could have on our future? What if, for example, we introduced a whole new dimension? Whether you have chosen to accept it yet or not, technology is at the brink of opening a whole new interactive experience that is accessible to everyone – with the correct device that is. Please turn to the next chapter, ‘Virtual Reality’ and there is one manufacturer that seems to be ahead of the curve. Allow me to introduce the Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus.

Although virtual reality – or VR as the industry has chosen to nickname it – hasn’t yet affected our homes and the big focus is on video game development, there are plans to change all that as the software matures. Global hotel companies, such as Marriott International, have plans to roll out the Samsung Gear VR in a new service called “VRoom Service”, and other hotels plan to use the product in their food and beverage facilities to give their guests unique experiences when tasting their dish. Seeing as luxury residential trends very often filter down from hotels, it soon could be an option to install these sets in the home for one-of-the-kind dinner parties or other special occasions. Therefore, the Samsung gear VR headset is, for me, the break-through technology in 2015.

I was fortunate enough to experience the gadget myself at the recent Surface Design Show, London. Using the device to showcase project work, one exhibitor took me to a newly renovated European hotel to capture the product up close and personal. All of a sudden, virtual reality is a selling tool and one doesn’t need an imagination anymore to see what the new range of tiles would look like on the walls or the furniture in the space provided. I will be sure to keep one watchful eye on the evolution of the Samsung’s VR concepts, while my other eye will be on the competition to see who follows suit.




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