It’s gonna to be a marathon of a journey…

Over the next few months I am going to be doing everything in my power to raise a minimum of £1,500 for the Surrey Care Trust and run the 2016 Virgin London Marathon…


In 2014, I crossed the finish line of the Brighton Marathon. “I am never doing that again” were the words that followed. It was gruelling and after hitting the wall (and running through it) at mile 20, it wasn’t fun towards the end.

What can I say? Contradiction is a word that I am familiar of. When I was asked to run again for another quality charity, I couldn’t say no.

I am very keen to raise awareness of how this remarkable charity helps make lives better in the UK.


About the Surrey Care Trust

All too often in this country young people are let down by a lack in resources, education and support. This is where the Surrey Care Trust comes into action. The charity provides learning, training and mentoring to support young people and adults in improving their chances in life. The dedicated staff enable people to overcome disadvantage of low skills, poor educational achievement, limited opportunities and touch financial circumstances. As you can imagine, this kind of aid goes further than the individual. Whole communities benefit from the hard work put in at the Surrey Care Trust.

I am a young adult too. I have made the most of the opportunities I have been fortunate enough to accept, but I want to help this charity help others. That is why I am proud to wear the Surrey Care Trust T-shirt are I run 26.2 miles around London on the 24 April 2016.

If you would like to donate to this incredible trust – and to support on my journey – click the link below.

If it will entice you to donate, I will even do a handstand across the line like this crazy man… o-WALKING-HANDS-570

Thank you,

H x


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