easyJet being difficult

“Sorry sir, you are going to have to squash that bag into your other bag as you are only allowed one piece of hand luggage.” What? I can’t do that to my brand-new Ted Baker. “Can I not just -”

I much prefer flying in the morning. The roads to the airport are clear, the airport staff are starting the day positively and after breakfast before flying, you don’t have to endeavour sleeping in an upright position.

It was late afternoon/evening, I was travelling to Amsterdam for a work trip after a busy two days of conferences and late nights (work related). I packed the essentials in my small suitcase and was looking forward to the press trip. I’m early for my flight and I filter through airport security in next to no time at all. So after enjoying some dinner, I am then confronted with the shops. ‘You are going to window shop’ I tell myself sternly. ‘It’s such a nice bag’ I reply almost immediately… It’s bought and there is no going back. I don’t even have second thoughts, that is until I get to the boarding gate…

“Sir, it clearly states on your ticket that you are only allowed one bag. You must therefore only board the aircraft with one bag.”

“So I am allowed one bag when boarding and that will go in the overhead locker, but I am unable to store another in the seat in front of me?” I reply. “Yes sir, that’s correct.”

I’m sorry easyJet, your flights are very reasonably priced but that is taking the biscuit. My ONE piece of hand luggage was ready to explode as I boarded my flight having lost the battle with the gate staff. I would like to apologise for holding up the entire aircraft for I unpacking my bag within a bag in order to rescue Ted and place him under the seat in front of me. ‘No one else is going to use the seat in front of me to store their luggage,’ I thought to myself. ‘It’s mine with the seat I was allocated.’ Because this really was the easy way to deal with the situation, isn’t that right easyJet… Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed my flight and I am very much looking forward to discovering what Amsterdam has to offer.


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      1. Well, something like this always happesn. Once even one of my long haul flights got cancelled, so don’t worry. As long as you get home safe, everything is just fine 🙂

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