Music’s home in Munich


Dive into the history books and you will read much about the Bavarian city’s seeded and often misunderstood past. It was here where Hitler formed his hateful propaganda, but Munich today is light years away from when the Nazi party were in power.

You would think that the city’s disturbing history would cast a dark shadow over the town. However it has remarkably been the inspiration to make it a city of culture, where equality is celebrated and people live in harmony. I was in town to check out the launch of Aloft Munich, a brand-new hotel where music is its core. I had just three days to investigate the city and find out whether Aloft will hit the high notes in the Bavarian city.

The history

Aside from the hotel itself, there was so much to explore and it didn’t take me long to be blown away when hearing about the historical events that happened here. The white rose is a familiar symbol that represents freedom. The story behind why the white rose is laid is emotional and tragic. A group of students started a resistance movement against Hitler and the Nazi party in 1943. The young adults printed and distributed anti-Nazi leaflets around Munich University. The core members were caught, arrested and executed as punishment. Today memorials are found around the city. One being a statue of leaflets outside the university, the other being a grey-cube statue. White roses are placed to show respect and to remember those who were involved in standing up and rebelling against the Nazi policies.


Munich hasn’t forgotten the tragedy that went on in the famous city. For example, the iconic museum that once featured propaganda art, Haus De Kunst, is still here today. On closer inspection you can even see the Schwarz sticker symbols embedded in the foundation of the building’s exterior above the pillars. However, after the war, the people of Munich wanted to show their true feelings. Above the building Yiddish slang has been written in yellow, reminiscent of the armbands and patches the National Socialists used to stigmatise the Jewish population. Some of the words translate to mean, a ‘crackpot’, an ‘immature man’ and a ‘troublemaker’ – mocking Hitler and all that he stood for.

A diverse future

The city is now has a huge gay scene. Glockenbachviertel is recognised as the city’s gay village. It is where once, hundreds of men were taken from their homosexual-friendly pub and thrown into a concentration camp. The city has a past, which I think is why its atmosphere is so liberating. It’s now a fun, embracing and friendly town that welcomes diversity.

The launch of Aloft Munich is significant for the city because the sassy brand chooses to pop up in destinations that have a musical and energetic social scene. While on my trip I realised why Aloft was perfect for Munich. It does tick all the boxes while offering a platform for emerging artists. It’s great for Munich to be recognised as a destination for young professionals who love music. I came here to celebrate a launch of a hotel, I left with huge respect for a town that has built itself on pride and equality.

Walking around the city is an inspiration. Yes the history is dark, but it is a bright present and has a prosperous future. Aloft Munich has found a comfortable home in the centre of the city. Shaking things up a bit, Aloft represents a mindset where convention is boring and music is home. The opening of Aloft Munich marks the German debut for the world’s fastest-growing hotel brand. It has proven to be a hit with the locals and I’m sure there will be more German properties to follow… But for now, music has a new home, come and stay!



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