The world is your oyster


I received this motto a few years ago now on my 21st birthday. Since then, it has meant more to me than a piece of metal holding my keys together. The key ring is a symbol of what I want in life, the answer to many excuses and proof that it’s all there, it’s just down to me to achieve it. So for that reason, it honestly was the perfect birthday present – thank you Ali, who works at the deli in Whitstable (best coffee in town). Anyway I digress…

I first considered this saying when I was 15. I was competing at a local sailing regatta. After racing a consistent series we won the week-long event. Although it was a town regatta, winning the event helped shape my perspective on something wider. The trophy was a boat sailing out of an oyster. The metaphor is strong and the trophy impressive, delicate and unique. It was a fantastic moment that will stay with me for a long time.

Travelling has been something on my mind ever since, but unfortunately the opportunity didn’t presented itself as something worth doing. The original plan was to take a gap year after a levels. Like my brother and family friends, I wanted to see the world one country at a time. Instead, the government decided to heighten the tuition fees, meaning that if I took the year off, then I would be paying/borrowing three-times the cost from the previous year. So I postponed the thought of travelling for another three years to jump in to student life being the last year to pay the cheaper fees. It was like dodging a bullet!

Three years went quickly and, while a university, I was working part time at a publishing company. Before I knew it I had graduated and part-time employment turned into a full-time job. Ten months later I was asked to be features editor of a new international hotel magazine, SPACE – the dream job! Although I have not taken a year off to travel the world yet, I hope that in time, I can end up seeing the world from a unique perspective – because after all – the world is my oyster, why not make it yours?


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  1. lovelily written.. I enjoyed it immensely.. And I know you .. You will go travelling ….it was in my head and heart from 18 ….I finally it at 34 and it was everything I’d hoped ☺️x

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