All work no play? 


I have always been committed to my career and have believed that you don’t get very far in life without putting your all into achieving your goals. I stand by this today. Recently, however, I have learnt that all work and no play is unhealthy, unwise, unachieveable and just a bit dull. Beside all of that, what’s the point in working for something you can’t enjoy? In my opinion, every successful person deserves a successful holiday.

Taking holiday, and time off work, is just as important as going above and beyond for your job. Holiday to refuel, relax and enjoy what you work for helps you to continue that effort during your 9am to 5pm day (and the rest). Time off will increase your performance when you are putting in the extra hours at your desk – calm, cool and collective – the fact is, logical decisions can’t be made when stressed and overworked.

I have learnt that there is a fine-faint line between being an all-work-no-play workaholic and someone who limits their goals in order to live a convenient and ‘safe’ life. Here’s the thing. Taking time off doesn’t have any reflection on your work ethic. It’s something you are entitled to and just a little perk from working full time to switch off and keep your mind fresh.

Anyone that knows me will understand my passion for the water, especially sailing. The majority of my holiday I take is spent on a boat. I have just come back from the 2015 Merlin Rocket National Championships, which were held this year in whitstable, kent. Sailing is my therapy from being stressed at work. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and couldn’t be happier at work, but with every job, sometimes you need a break and a hobby is a very healthy get away from meeting tight deadlines. When I am on the boat, I physically cannot access let alone answer my emails. I can think of nothing else than the race I’m in. I can be competitive and focus my mind on the sport, challenge myself and reach other goals!

The lesson I have learnt is, by all means work hard, strive to achieve your goals. You don’t always have to sacrifice what you love in order to succeed. If something you love is worth working for, do it, make it fit into your life. Enjoy what you love and love what you enjoy! Keep your scales balanced between work and play. Make sure that success doesn’t come alone. Happiness is a key contributor to fulfil your ambitions so enjoy the journey and don’t miss the opportunity to refuel!

Below is how I play and refuel when I’m not at work…



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