Has luxury changed its perception

With the launch of The New York Edition hotel, I’ve been questioning whether the deluxe expression of luxury is beginning to change its meaning, which I think isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Let’s take the average person. You or I would like to go on holiday this year.

Rewind somewhat 60 years and holidays abroad were a dream, a fantasy and mere concept. Instead, it was packing picnics and suitcases into the car and down to the coast. Now, one can simply tap a few words into a well-known search engine and within half an hour, the seat is booked, 20kg of essentials are packed into a suitcase and it’s time to escape from everyday life for seven – 14 days of adventure, relaxation or discovery

There is irony in that while the average person is seeking the sumptuous holiday to detox themselves from reality, complete with spa, wellness facilities and concierge service, yesterday’s guests at these luxury abodes have gone one better. A new breed of holidaymakers, businessmen and first-class passengers are now seeking a home-away-from-home experience. Forget the enormous baths, over-the-top lobbies and voluptuous beds. It seems that simple lines, soft palates and airy spaces are the way forward for many luxury hotel brands.

However, this fine-line between creating a indulgent yet minimalist atmosphere is near on impossible to create to everyones taste. However, it seems that yet again nothing is too challenging from the experts in hotel design, and Ian Schrager’s superb latest masterpiece, The New York Edition comfortably executes a stunning architectural design that mimics its exterior of a elegant and well-appointed property, giving guests a peaceful, stylish and classic feel.

Has luxury changed its perception? Perhaps, but as with all of these evolving trends, it has done so in style. It may present its features in a different way, but modern luxury hotels haven’t changed their outlook to challenge conventions and offer guests unparalleled experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.


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  1. True words. Luxury has definitely changed. Hotels got new approaches on guests and offer a new design pretty much all over the world. For me personally, that’s more a good than a bad thing!

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