The past, the present and the successful future

Success, however big or small
Success, however big or small – never give up

A year ago you were half who you are now, yet today you are not even half the person you are going to be…

All too often to I read blogs that focus on mistakes and regrets. I need to hold both hands up at this point and admit that I too am guilty of this, but it’s not something I am ashamed of.

As I have said in the past and I will say it again, most mistakes are welcome. If it then goes on to change a person for the better, then surly that can only be a good thing. We write about our mistakes because it is easier to write about what we have lost, than write about what we have gained. If you change your mind-set and realise the positives and focus less on what has gone wrong, then maybe you can turn your mistakes into a success.

Success, success. It can creep up on you, you can be born into it, or like a balloon that you have spent time filling up with your energy, you can let go just at the time when it escapes the safety of your fingers. It can be as big or small as you can imagine. But one thing is certain, there is no success without the journey.

The journey doesn’t have to end in a dramatic climax, it can simply be a series of events that have allowed you to grow into someone better. Some journeys take you to the beautiful countryside, where haystacks become climbing frames, and walks take you on new and exciting adventures. Others throw you into a war zone, or an ocean, or maybe the toxic heart of a nation. The journey may take you to every corner of the world, but success comes from the opportunities we take, the people we meet and the decisions we make. Some decisions take us away from the comfort and encourage us to make our own way in life. Others provide us with a safety blanket. The right decision is the one that you make, or the situation you are left in. The rest is down to you.

Success doesn’t have to be in money form. In fact most success stories are not. Some come from what we have left in the past, but will never forget. Many come from family, friends and those we love.

As I make the leap into the working world, success in my career is something that is agonisingly uncertain. But my heart is confident that a year ago I was the half the man I am now and today I am half the man I going to be… This journey has to start somewhere.



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