Remove the mask

Remove the mask and be yourself
Remove the mask and be yourself

We have become a society full of superheroes. The mask will hide our identity to protect the ones we love. Although the mask is necessary, atmospheric and powerful, the metaphor suggests an insecurity that turns out to be far deeper than face value.

A recent survey revealed that 80% of women would wait an entire month or longer before letting their boyfriend see them without make-up.[1] This baffles me to say the least, and of course, as far as what the tabloids report on this matter, men are the ones blame. According to these papers, it’s men’s perception of what is sexy, beautiful and hot that makes these women feel insecure about revealing their true identity to the real world. What a load of old rubbish! Men are not at fault here, what we as humans find attractive is something that cannot be controlled. The entire month of this facade, the poor and devoted man has fallen for what he sees as beautiful. Only then to discover what is behind the mask and the truth is revealed in a dramatic climax.

The reason why these women decide to hide is not their fault either and we can dissect this problem down to its outrageous core. ‘90% of women want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance.’[2] Consumerism and the perception of beauty that has been regurgitated in the media through various different forms is the common denominator in this astonishing statistic. Glamorous revolutionary cosmetic procedures are of course largely to blame as well, but I think it’s more than that. Society need to learn to like themself more, we should not stress about what (without expensive treatment) can be altered, filed or added. After all a new body doesn’t change the person within.

Of course these women feel self-conscious about their body, men are inundated by sex in celebrity culture, unrealistic porn and a perception of ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ in magazines, which inevitably has created egotistical, rude and male chauvinistic pigs as a result. But I am pleased to say that not all men are the same. Some want to get to know the real person from the off, which is why when dating, honesty really is the best and the safest policy.

The mask that society wears is deeper than make-up, it’s everything you consciously say and do to create a better picture of yourself. The mask is hard work to control and although it creates a dramatic storyline, it will only ever end in tears. In reality your mask will not create the Hollywood happily-ever-after scene you see in movies, we’re in the real world now. It’s common knowledge that lying about yourself will only cause deceit, confusion and a predictably an awkward moment when the realisation undoubtedly comes to the surface.

I have been informed by a reliable and intelligent source that dating rules are made to be broken. If someone doesn’t like you for who you are then they’re quite clearly not right for you. Not that they can be blamed, after all you can’t like or expect to be liked by everyone. By all means create a good first impression and don’t turn up in your slouchy jogging bottoms, unwashed face or rocking the hungover ‘don’t talk to me’ look. Just relax, take it easy and go with what feels right. Even if that does take you on a spontaneous journey around London looking for something to do, it’s all part of the charming, random and personal memory that you have shared.

And the best part? When it goes right and the feeling is mutual, you just know that the person genuinely likes you for who you are, rather than who you are trying to be.


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