Forgive and forget right? Not likely I’m afraid…

How can we forgive and forget when the online age has creating virtual gossiping machines?
How can we forgive and forget when the online age has creating virtual gossiping machines?

We all mess up from time to time, that much is true. Regret leads to shame but then shame leads to change. Even the worst inaccuracies in life can be followed by great perspective and clever decisions in the future. From a very young age I was taught to forgive and forget. “I don’t care can we just forget about it and move on”. This lesson was a valuable one at the time but highly incorrect in reflection to the modern world that has been created from one-hit Youtube wonders, infamous Tweets and not forgetting celebrities gone mad!

Humans have the amazing quality in them to choose to forget information for the sake of bettering their situation.(It takes practice but in principle we as a species can see perspective) Forgive and forget right? Wrong – and I only need one case study to prove my point. The iconic Miley chicken fillet back end twerking will be replayed throughout and beyond the decade. The power of the online age sponges up the juicy cringe-worthy video’s for the world to watch later at their own convenience and just a click of a button.

I’m pretty sure Miley doesn’t reflect on her VMA performance as a regret. She was not just made into a super star from her hit single, “We can’t stop”, but her invented twerk even made it into the Oxford dictionary (It’s only a matter of time until my spell checker removes the red squiggly line under the word). The point is that to many, a lot of Miley’s decisions have been bad and misjudged, but her success is not something to be ignored. From that raunchy performance of “We can’t stop” and “blurred lines,” she and Robin Thicke got what they wanted, attention from the public and domination of the headlines!

I’m not a Miley fan as such. I think a few of her songs are decent but I too, sit behind the screen cringeing at her freakishly lanky body when it bends over in front of me.  She is one crazy artist, whose Hannah Montana days are well and truly (almost) forgotten. I do think it’s sad that the music industry almost expects artists’ to create this kind of reputation but to be honest, it’s a cold industry and this much will always be true, sex sells records, sorry CD’s, my mistake again… MP3 downloads!

The way in which we retrieve information has now changed. We can produce as well as consume our media. It is all too easy to pick up and camera and press the record button. Citizen journalism is taking over the Internet. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are all enjoying your bitching, ranting and tasteless gossip. Citizen journalism is important in order to live in a democratic society, but some individuals take advantage of the power social media has and they soon find themselves the victim of rumours and the unforgettable video evidence.

For those who are wondering, I uploaded a video of me attempting handstand press-ups. Although my piece to camera was probably more cringe than Miley’s twerking, I did in fact manage to pull-off the stunt, which I have to say fills me with great satisfaction. So my piece to camera was embarrassingly sprinkled over my Facebook and my good friends soon advised me to take it down. So I did, and do agree with the awkward vibe the video created. But I count myself lucky that it was handstand on display and not anything else.

The not so lucky ones have had to learn their lesson whilst in the public eye. Paris, Tulisa, Kim and of course not neglecting the all-important Pamela have all suffered the blow from what social media can do to ones reputation in the bedroom.

So although my video showcased my handstands and not anything else, it still made me feel pretty stupid with myself afterwards. In hind-sight, I should have not been so cocky and arrogant on camera. It did knock my confidence but I have learnt from it and writing this post has helped me see perspective over the situation, (after all I am human). My ‘YOLO’ moment will most certainly not make it onto my showreel and neither will a lot of the mistakes I have made in the process of being where I am today.

So to all those thinking of creating a vlog, by all means live in the moment but remember that actions have consequences and decide quickly whether you can live with them before performing an irreversible act. Don’t let others knock your confidence from them highlighting your mistakes. More importantly, if people criticise you then they obviously care enough to do so. It is the ones who are talking behind your back who you should be wary of.


H x


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