When people get you down… mistakes are inevitable and welcome

Foundation degree is complete and only one more year until I walk into the real world of hard, integral work
Foundation degree is complete and only one more year until I walk into the real world of hard, integral work

When people get you down remember what you left behind. Hurt, anger and sadness are all feelings that every single one of us has experienced. Unfortunately we all have to live through the hurt in order to recognise and appreciate what we have now. It is (I have been told) a skill in itself to turn a negative into a positive, but with any skill, practice makes perfect. Even that statement sounds ridiculous. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. I would rather have a bit of spice and energy than reach perfection in life. Trying hard and reaching any goal will not come with perfection. Mistakes are therefore inevitable and welcome!

Working hard in anything will enable you to make decisions and have more control in your own life. I may be hard work and incredibly open with my feelings at times, but who am I to report on someone else’s feelings or story without first understanding my own? Journalism is a tough world and people get into your head whether they mean to or not. So it is necessary to be comfortable with yourself before welcoming other people’s problems into your life. It just so happens that I can only understand my outlooks when I write them down.

When I write about a story or event, I make myself care about the topic. Granted, sometimes it is easier than others, but I do care about my work and the people affected by my work. I don’t just to record the honest truth, I think as a journalist I have a duty to stick up for the unpopular. Risky statement, but why do I want to be like every other journalist? Every article/documentary and blog I have written has someway changed my approach to that particular topic. The one thing I have learnt through studying journalism, is that there is always more than one angle to a story.

When people get you down realise who you are. Realise what you have and not what you have lost or can’t reach as a result. I worked with the Paralympic sailing team during their 2012 campaign and they taught me something that will stay with me forever. In order to explain this, you need to excuse the vocabulary. Think hypothetically now…

Gremlin = the voice that tells you that you should be doing better, whether that be in life or just in the task you are performing. Chimp = your emotions, anger, frustration (negative feelings).

The saying is that “you should choose logic over your gremlin and chimp, because both the creatures in your mind are negative and will stop you achieving your goal. Logic will allow you to think through the situation/experience/ feeling carefully and then through your own judgement you can make a decision knowing that you have maturely thought about the consequences, ultimately making your choices easier and more honest”

Admittedly sometimes I have forgotten this myself. I forgot this and had to suffer the initial consequences. However in time it will make me stronger and more determined person to be true and honest with myself next time. (Well that’s how I feel anyway)

University this year is making think inwardly about my own decisions in life. I enjoy my profession and put my passion into my writing and reporting. My friends and family are equally important to me and I keep them very close to my heart. My love life? Well enough said about that the better. I am being true to myself. The ones who I love, respect my career choices and want me to achieve, just like I want them to achieve. They know exactly who they are and they should know that I love them just the same as they love me. Even if at times I can be hard work and difficult. At least it provides you with a challenge and more importantly- it makes me who I am 🙂 (I know I joke but seriously, I have the most amazing people in my life and I am not doing anything to loose them)!

Sometimes it is frustrating, knowing how much I want to be in the industry full-time, but at the moment university is more important, because logically, I cannot expect to be a journalist without the qualifications that I will earn (simple). I will make it, and in the meantime I will create the experiences and memories that will ensure I end up an honest journalist who prides himself on the integrity of his work. RANT OVER!

H x


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