“Can the last contestant please come and collect his prize”

All in the name of fun a special someone's birthday!
All in the name of fun a special someone’s birthday!

I have always been the one that has sat back and let others sign-up for karaoke. I have always been the one who laughs loud but refuses to tell a joke, and when it comes to sharing infromation about myself, I would prefer to listen than tell a story that would require me to laugh at myself. It is funny how things change…  Well I have realised something quite extraordinary, I am not the person I thought I was. I have confidence and I like to share my opinions whilst making sure I listen and understand others. It’s really not a big deal to many, but I know now that I can be fun and have a laugh and it feels fantastic! In the risk of sounding dramatic… I will no longer be put down by anyone. I am going to have fun and enjoy this incredible life! Most of all I have learnt that it is okay to laugh at yourself, as long as you are not constantly the victim.

People may think that this is a dig at someone in particular. It’s not. I am not bitter and do not regret my decisions in life, but most of all,  I don’t care what people think of me. Yes, that may be a bold statement but having thought about it long and hard, truth be told, I don’t.  I understand now what it is like to do things for yourself, say things you are thinking and do what the hell you want to do! I have, as it seems, turned into quite the socialite over these last few months. I enjoy getting drunk, going out and meeting new and exciting people. I treasure my existing friendships whilst welcoming new ones. I have learnt not to distinguish people out of my life, they were after all there for a reason and must have done some good to have been my friend in the first place. I have learnt from these mistakes.

The other day I had a decision to make, that may sound trivial to many, but allowed me to challenge myself mentally as well as physically. Let me set the scene. I was out in Milton Keynes on a rather wild night with the most amazing group of people. It had come to the point of the evening where people were starting to flake off and music took a turn that intensified the surrounding dance moves. At that moment it was inevitable, a dance-off was brewing.

One man went for it and before we all knew it he was up spinning around the pole. Of course, the DJ booth soon caught sight and it quickly turned the activity into a competition. There was a tenner on the cards for whoever could beat him. I wanted to reach out and have a go but it was the looming crowd circling the pole that put me off taking that stride forward. Instead my instincts told me to step away and be a spectator. So I stood back and let another participant take my place. ‘Not bad, he did well and will probably win’.

Then it happened, my body took over and my instincts were no longer listened to. All of a sudden I was in a handstand slowly walking my way through the crowd. (Thinking about it now, it was a rather dramatic entrance). It was too late to turn back now and I let my body do the work. What had come over me? I was actually in the centre of all the attention on the dance floor and I was doing well! I finished my spontaneous routine with a signature back flip and submerged myself back into the sea of people.

“Can the last contestant please come and collect his prize”. I had won! I had done it and I didn’t even know how!

I won a ten pound note because I learnt how to be a ‘yes’ man. Say yes and see where the opportunity takes you. Who knows, maybe I will say yes to Karaoke and yes to sharing my life experiences with strangers! I will say yes and become more of an optimist! Turns out I am not as boring as I once thought I was… That evening was all in the name of fun for a very special someone’s birthday!

Until next time…

H x


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