How well do you know your town?

Capturing the colourful side of the town
Capturing the colourful side of Whitstable

You live there and experience the majority of your time there.  Perhaps want to get away from it occasionally but how much do you know your own town’s history? Ever wonder why tourists find your town so fascinating? Maybe a bit of research will help understand the appeal and who knows you might even make you fall in love with the place.

So I come from a little town in Kent called Whitstable. I have lived here most of my life and can truly say that I love my town. Although the place itself is beautiful Whitstable as you know it is changing. New bars are being opened and the high street is transforming itself into an art gallery. The quant and quirky seaside town has its own identity. Branching off from the compact fishing harbour you will soon discover the engravings of the old whitstable.

I want to find out Whitstable’s real history.

5 facts about Whitstable:

1) In 1962 for the first time in recorded history the sea from Whitstable to Southend froze.

2) Squeeze-gut Alley. According to history this famous alley way was given this name when a group of boys were chased by a rather overweight policeman. Due to the narrowing width of the alley the boys got away and the policeman was stuck.

3) The Crab and Winkle way is now used as a cycle path from Whitstable to Canterbury. In 1830 the Crab and Winkle line opened railway to carry passengers from Whitstable to Canterbury.

4) Whitstable has become famous for its oysters. The shallow waters of the Themes estuary makes a particular beneficial environment for oysters and other shellfish.

5) Whitstable harbour’s purpose serves more than being a base for the local fisherman. It actually plays an important role in the towns sea defences. The 1953 floods demonstrated the vulnerability of the low-lying parts of the town behind the harbour are to flooding. The East Quey was rebuilt with new sheet piling in 2006 to ensure the stability of the defence mechanism.

So before you moan this Summer about how boring your town is dive into its context and discover more about where you really live!



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