Holiday – 10 wheels around the island

Family outing on mopeds - a day to remember
Family outing on mopeds – a day to remember

Forget the famous five, the famous seven were on a mission to make it around the island before our holiday was over. Fortunately for us, the locals on Spetses all have mopeds so it wasn’t long before we found a shop that rented out some local travelling tools.

Mum, dad and Jason went for quad bikes whilst the rest of us settled for two wheelers. Competitive as ever, the Kilburn brothers are never one for playing it safe, so we all whizzed off into the distance leaving mum and dad to enjoy their peaceful journey at their own pace.

The modern day outing was a fantastic way to see the island in all its glory. Although we had seen Spetses town and the beach on one side of the island, it would be a waste of a holiday if we didn’t go around the whole island, making sure that we had seen every beach.

We all stopped for coffee and a swim at some of the beach bars and took a family snap at the top of a cliff to capture the family moment.

Finally we landed ourselves at a popular beach that was not too far away from our villa and sat a sunbathed for the rest of the afternoon. The refreshing Mediterranean sea was a perfect solution to the heat of the sun.

One final dip in the sea and it was time to make our way into town for a Pizza.  An unforgettable day was made even better because Jason and I walked back to Villa and sat by the pool watching the stars with a refreshing gin and tonic. It was the perfect way to end the evening.

Day three complete…


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