Greek Holiday – there is no smoke without fire

Water taxi to the island
Water taxi to the island

So I left you in terminal five at Heathrow airport. We boarded the flight and after a slight delay we were in the air at 7.30am. Much to our delight they were serving breakfast, which consisted of a full English breakfast, muesli, and orange juice, (Perfect for lining the stomach).

Travelling with my brother’s was always going to be a delight. Having just all finished our second year of university this holiday was our chance to let our hair down. My idea of letting my hair down seems to be very different to my brothers. “Excuse me madam can we please have a round of gin and tonics with our breakfast?” – it has started.

Three and a half hours later and having drunk the plane dry of gin my brothers were certainly having a good time. It wasn’t until we had landed when we realised how intoxicated they both were.

Passport control is simple enough. You hand over your passport and then walk through and just like that you are in Greece. Well my eldest brother Jack was feeling extremely jolly. Whilst the rest of us waited the same thing was on everyone’s mind. ‘Where is Jack?’ We could hear the nattering of someone’s voice so we edge closer to where the voice was coming from.

“We are going to an island called Specteres, no spec… spectseses… Something beginning with S.”

Oh dear lord someone get Jack and let’s just go! For the record we were going to Spetses, a Greek island about three hours from Athens.

Although we had made it into the country our journey was far from over. Meeting a local girl at arrivals we now had the three-hour car journey from hell to get to our final destination.

After crossing numerous mountains in a people carrier that’s air conditioning had failed and caught a little water taxi, we were here in Spetses. Mum and dad met us in a bar and we went to check out the amazing villa! Everyone dived into the spag bowl that my mum lovingly cooked and we ended the evening with cigarettes and cigars on the balcony! The holiday has started!


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