Our Greek adventure begins…

The island is waiting for us...
The island is waiting for us…

Scanning Facebook I could already see that many of my friends were too preparing themselves for a holiday in the sun. The difference was that their flights were not at stupid o’clock in the morning.

This is the first family holiday in about six years so we are all really looking forward to it. Mum and dad sensibly flew out four days ago to have some peace and quiet. Today my brothers, Sophie (Jack’s girlfriend) and Jason (my other half) and myself catch a flight to Athens and make our way to the island my mother and father chose.

The plan was that to have a few crucial hours of kip before we left the family house at 2.30am to catch our flight to the paradise island of Spetses is Greece. This didn’t go to plan as I was far to excited.

The taxi arrived on the dot and seeing as not many people decide to follow the m25 current at the early hours of the morning, we soon arrived at Heathrow without any delays.

As our mum organised the transport to the airport, in reality we walked into the terminal with an hour before the booking desks even opened. We were greeted to a sea of men and woman spread out on the rather uncomfortable looking chairs scattered around the airport. It soon became clear that their night’s sleep was about to be rudely interrupted by the Kilburns!

It is amazing how childish games can make the time pass so much quicker. Eye spy managed to last us the entire hour. (I think it was the expletive guesses that kept us amused). The Kilburn’s never fail to make an entrance.

The next task was to get checked in and swarm through security in one piece. Me being the unfortunate one, (or the one who didn’t listen to man when he asked me to take my laptop out of my bag) managed to catch the eye from the team and my bag got thoroughly searched. 20 minutes later we were through and ready to make the next step of our journey.

So I am now sitting in the lounge waiting for our gate number to appear on the screens so that we can get into the air and begin the 2013 Kilburn Summer holiday!!

To be continued…


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