Bouncing back into a more positive gym!

WGC - helping to keep Sussex active
WGC – helping to keep Sussex active

All ages and abilities welcome

Worthing Gymnastic club (WGC) prides itself in welcoming people of all ages and abilities to take part and join in on the action. Whether you are serious about the sport or just want to learn some new, the friendly nature of the club enables you to get out what you put in.

Head coach Heather Sampford, founded the club and has dedicated to the growth of the club ever since. She and the rest of the team are always keen to welcome new comers into the sport. WGC understand that learning gymnastics is not always about being the best. The club welcomes gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers, students (and even journalists like myself) to take part and enjoy learning new skills.

The club really does have something for everyone. WGC identifies age as just a number, not an excuse. Each class is split up into different age groups and abilities, in order to provide the appropriate environment for each group. From early learning classes for mother and toddler, to the ever-popular freestyle sessions, which gives participants a chance to show off their talent, whilst learning impressive moves in a controlled ambiance.

A bit of context

Now I may sound biased when talking about this wonderful little club located ten miles from Brighton, but two months ago I had never heard of Worthing Gymnastics Club. My story starts when I was about six years old. I used to be a competitive gymnast and most of my childhood was spent in the gym tumbling, swinging and vaulting through the air. I was trained hard and expected to deliver results when it came competitions.

My training reached a new level when selected for the South East regional team. Of course being in a larger squad meant that my commitment to the sport, too had to match up to the level that I was training at. Unfortunately my body rejected the workload and I became ill. Naturally as a young gymnast I didn’t give up without a fight, but in the end I was forced to take off the hand guards and walk away from competing in the sport.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom as I found a passion for sailing and later ended up sailing with the British Paralympic sailing team as part of their tuning crew in their 2012 campaign, which after interviewing my way around the team, then lead me onto the journey that I am on now, journalism. I soon moved down to Worthing to start my journalism career, where I made friends in the musical theatre department. Through sheer coincidence I heard a few of them discussing gymnastic classes, in order for them to improve their floor and tumbling skills, I saw the opportunity before my eyes and enquired about joining in on the sessions.

Affordable and adventurous

Before I knew it I was back summersaulting, twisting and cartwheeling my way around the gym. It was fantastic; I had for the first time in eight years, got back into the gym and was surprised as to how much I actually remembered. Although it didn’t last for long, due to my body not being able to keep up, I now help out coaching and I must say how refreshing it is to be apart of such a wonderful team! The adult session that is on Tuesday’s 7.30pm – 8-30pm and is an affordable, beneficial and an adventurous method in keeping fit!

Having trained at many different clubs in my time in gymnastics, it’s all too often to come across organisations that run their club as a business and push the gymnasts to their breaking point. Worthing Gymnastics club is a growing family. Head coach Heather is the mother of group, offering honest, caring advice to gymnasts and staff, and is the driving force of the club! The coaches that work for the club are too, personable, dedicated and put all of their effort in offering a friendly, controlled but above all a fun environment for children and adults to train in.

Boys Squad – bursting with potential

The club’s boys squad is bursting with potential and with a coach like Heather, they will go a long way in learning the true art of gymnastics. The coaches encourage the boys to realise the importance of hard work and their loyalty to the sport allows them to achieve new skills, whilst practicing excellent precision. The squad have proved themselves in the regional circuit, dominating in competitions and reaching podium positions.

All of the boys have the same aim, to achieve excellent gymnastics. Too many clubs these days push their gymnasts to their limit and won’t settle for anything other than gold medal positions. WGC’s only requirement is that everyone tries his or her best, after all, there is much more to gymnastics than getting a perfect ten. The boys are taught life lessons that will help them beyond the gym, such as accuracy and the necessary positive mental attitude towards any goal. Gymnasts are encouraged to understand how the body works in order to achieve excellent technique and execution. Above all, Worthing Gymnastics Club teaches their gymnasts to enjoy the sport, which motto is clearly lacking in some other clubs around the country.

There is something for everyone at WGC. Whether you are serious about pursuing the sport, or are just looking for new ways to keep active, Worthing gymnastics club welcomes you into the family.


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