The corruption of GOOD journalism

I am sick to death of switching on the news to see that there has been another journalist that has been accused of corruption, as if our reputation isn’t damaged enough as it is?

The frustrating part is that all of these top journalists have the skills and experience to practice good, integral journalism, but instead they chose to take advantage of the opportunity they are in and go against the very clear, very strict rules and regulation.

For a journalism student to hear this is sickening. I work so hard at what I do in order to one day be able to share news and become a reporter. For me to get work experience in this industry is difficult and uncertain, but there are some who have made it into the circle of professional journalism that completely take advantage of their position!

If I myself make it into that circle, I can assure you that I will only ever practice good journalism and report accurately. I would just like to stress that although these corrupt human beings have damaged attitudes towards journalists, it really is just the select few. Thank god there are still people out their who I respect and look up to in the world of journalism!




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