Shady people – there’s the door

Only positive energy
Only positive energy

My biggest bugbear is when people take advantage of my integrity as a friend. After many years of learning who real friends are and learning the true craft of letting negative energy out of my life, sometimes this results in letting go of people who once were very close, but we grow up and change, some people change for the better and others unfortunately don’t.

What you need to know about me is, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I put my trust into people and as soon as I’m left to feel unsettled, I will put my guards up and it will take time and effort of the persons behalf before I let them back in. I have some fantastic friends and they always have my back. I will not allow myself to feel vulnerable or inferior to people who don’t like me.

I think when people hide behind their partners, it shows insecurity and a sign of weakness, but I have noticed that in some cases its just pure laziness and I don’t get on with lazy people. We are not dealt the cards we are given, but only you can better yourself and transform. I see individuality as one of my favourite qualities, having the ability to speak my mind and stand up for what I believe in. I don’t understand those who complain and don’t do anything to resolve the situation. Some just take the easy way out and as I said earlier, it just shows weakness.

America gave us the term ‘shady’ and it completely sums up who these people are. Either scared or reluctant to give their opinion or stand up for themselves, or just trouble makers. If someone makes me feel threatened then they will be out of my life quicker than they can apologise. I don’t waste my energy on fake, two faced people who try to attack me. So to all you shady people out there, there’s the door!

Before I came to university I was not this sort of person, I would very much recline in my seat and steer away from any confrontation, because I saw it as a negative and an unproductive solution. However I have come to realise that confrontation is necessary sometimes in order for your voice to be heard. Otherwise you will end up hiding behind other people and getting no where in your life. Without being forceful, standing up for what you believe in shows that you have passion and fire in your soul.

Now I am not an aggressive person, nor am I forceful when giving my opinion. I value others point of view and I will always listen to others. Like the old cliche says, ‘I am a lover, not a fighter’. But, I will not be treated like a mug and be a victim of shady people! I will always stick up for myself, my family and my friends. Above all I will always be positive and thankful for what I have.



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