Nigel Ball – Coming to a town near you!

Nigel Balls Album, Shadow of the Sin
Nigel Balls Album, Shadow of the Sin

Local rock/jazz musician and radio producer Nigel Ball is leaving the comfort of Worthing to tour around the UK promoting his Album, Shadow of the Sin. The musician is no new comer to roughing it in the back of a transit van. Having been on numerous tours already, he is somewhat of an expert when it comes to surviving on the road.

I went to Ivy Arch Studios in Worthing to catch up with Nigel and find out how he is really feeling days before his tour begins. As well as travelling around the UK playing gigs, he is also promoting his new album that he himself produced. The album features tracks that are personal to Nigel and some are anecdotes of his past.

One track in particular that I am told is a huge crowd pleaser is, ‘You Gonna Let Me In,’ which is a true story about an incident Nigel experienced after coming back from tour to discover that his girl friend had left, leaving him stranded. Nigel’s gigs feature both personal and light-hearted music giving something for everyone. His album reflects both positive and negative periods in his life, giving the album substance and making it intimate for the listener.

Nigel’s tour will take him up and down the country performing in gigs as well as local open mic nights. When he is on tour he also busks to make ends meet. “Having a thick skin is necessary in this part of the tour” Nigel says, “But it’s the best way to promote where I will be playing that evening.” For Nigel busking is part of the job and part of the experience of being on tour. The relaxed and natural attitude is essential in making the tour a success for him as well as his audience.

Nigel has always been interested in music as far as he can remember. Jimmy Hendrix being his main idol throughout the years, and he listened to Hendrix’s music throughout his childhood. “There is a lot of Hendrix influence in this album.” The artwork design represents a relationship in his eyes- the cycle of being in love, losing love and then finding it again. The design looks like a wave and is a very honest representation of the ‘love, loose and repeat’ cycle which he has himself experienced.

“If I had to chose a favourite track on the album it would have to be “So the Feelings Go,” which is the track that has had the least production, but I think it is the money song.

The tour starts on Saturday the 9th March where Nigel will be playing at St Pauls local in Worthing where he will be supporting Chris Helme from the Sea Horses. He will then be travelling to greater Manchester and then tour to Harrogate, Kendal, Henley, Chester and so forth.

Wishing Nigel all the very best on his tour. The gripping and gratifying album has been produced with absolute precision and the hard work has definitely paid off. Check out Nigel’s progress as well as tour dates by visiting



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