Like a child in a toy shop

Jason in his element!
Jason in his element!

The boy fascinates me, he hates going shopping for things that he doesn’t need, hates spending money on the things that are deemed luxury, but when we come across a new antique shop… My word, nothing would satisfy Jason more than a run down old shop selling over priced tat. He is like a child in a toyshop, can’t get enough and doesn’t want to leave until he has found a gem.

Today Jason and I were in my hometown of Whitstable in Kent. It was too early for lunch, so we went for a wonder and much to his surprise found a shop that was selling rather bizarre things. Posters, model airplanes, full armour suit, the shop had pretty much everything. Some of it worse than others, but beneath the pile of useless junk was in fact some very nice house suitable bits and bobs. We ended up leaving the store with a weathered looking lantern that has found a very cosy home in Jason’s front room in front of the fireplace. Although it is lovely and completely compliments the room, I for one would not have purchased it.

I think the problem lies with our age gap. I am a 20-year-old student who would prefer to spend £60 on something that I can enjoy, some clothes or a delicious treat. My money tends to just go on food at the moment. Jason is a 24-year-old electrician who works very hard for his money and likes to treat himself with new things for the house. This does however mean that he has a painfully large addiction to antiques. He will look at an antique and try to find a space of it in the house; I will look at an antique and soon look away. It just doesn’t interest me, half the stuff is broken and goes for far too much money.

Don’t get me wrong, Jason’s house is not cluttered, nor is it disorganised, he has found a space for everything. His style is actually very tasteful and his house is a beautiful cottage in the country – I love it! I do however find it funny when he comes across a new shop full of goodies, because I just know that the next time we are in Whitstable he will be straight in the little old shop we came across today to discover a new little treat for the house!



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