Not a Winter person!

My feelings on this subject are perfectly shown in this cartoon
My feelings on this subject are perfectly shown in this cartoon

I am sick of waking up in the dark to see my exhaled breath leave my mouth. Time to get out of bed to feel goose bumps growing on my body, then the hot shower stinging my cold, sensitive skin as it is the only warmth in the house but I soon become comfortable in the heat and then it’s time to turn it off and shiver as I dry. When it is time to leave the house my thick black coat protects me from the violent winds but does not do very well in the rain and snow. The hoodless cloak tends to be used as an umbrella to guard me from the wet mess coming from above.

Then there’s the car, spending 10 minutes de-icing the vehicle before finally getting in and beginning my journey in colder conditions than outside. Driving is just as painful during these bleak months, playing the waiting game for the car to heat up. Normally the car wins by teasing me and making me travel in the cold and then when I reach my destination, it will heat me up so that when I get out of the car, I feel the full wrath of the winter morning as it rushes under my coat to remind me to wear something warmer tomorrow.

Minus the fact that it is so cold outside, I end up starting my day at work or university in a bad mood, not willing to do anything other than climb back into the comfort and security of my bed. The day must go on and seeing as everyone else has had the same morning as me, the positivity in the room seems to be sucked out left only with numb fingers, chapped lips and a stinking cold that seems to last all throughout the Winter months.

Summer is so much more fun, the heat, the light and the general better moods. Everyone is more relaxed in Summer and if I’m  lucky, I get to spend some of it in another country being thoroughly pampered on holiday. We are expecting more snow tonight and tomorrow and I for one am sick of it, for me it is just another hazard on the road! Yes, I could make the most of it and go out and build a snowman, but personally I think that is a waste of my time. For someone who doesn’t like the cold, building something out of frozen water is not my idea of fun, nor is having a snowball fight; it just gives strangers the right to lob a lump of ice at your head…

Yes I am most certainly a Summer person, and I am not keen on the fact that in this country our Summer seems to only last for about two weeks (if we are lucky). I was definitely born in the wrong country! I want to be under the sun 12 months, 365 days a year, wake up in the light (I am not nocturnal), and be warm throughout the day. LA is sounding very appealing right now.



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