Home sweet home

All packed and ready for the two hour journey back home. Strange, this year at university has been harder mentally than last, I would have thought that would I have got used to it by now. All that is left to do today is stop by campus and hand my work in and then I am free to enter the m25 and head back to Kent. 

For some reason we have two weeks off university so I will be spending most of that time getting started on my essay that needs to be completed soon. This time for me is the worst. I have every packed next to my bed but I have to wait until 10am until I can give all my work in.

This part of the term has been brilliant for me, I have put so much effort into my work and I am very proud of the quantity as well as quality that I have produced. I know that all this hard work will pay off eventually. I have also said ‘yes’ to a whole load of new things. Radio, swimming and gymnastics! It has really put a smile on my face and I am glad that I can fit time into my schedule to relax and do what I want to do!

I love university but there is nothing quite like being able to go home for a few weeks, back to your routes and be around the ones you love. I know that everyone back home is very proud of me as well as they all see how much I want to be a journalist. I am sure I will be blogging throughout my trip back home, so stay tuned to find out what I get up to when I go home…


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