Less is not more, less is less

In my research on this I ask... Is less always more?
In my research on this I ask… Is less always more?

For my final major project at university, I am currently in the middle of creating my own magazine. Of course I have decided to produce a magazine catering for the gay community, however I am sick to death of picking up gay magazines and just seeing naked bodies everywhere. Ok, I understand that naked men in a gay magazine is kind of the idea of the whole publication, but I want to go further into gay magazines and create something with a bit more class and steer away from the whole soft porn idea, and cater for gay men who want to read actual article instead of gorp at the less than desirable models who are in fact not even that attractive. In my personal opinion, less is not more, less is definitely less!

I don’t know about you, but when I pick a gay magazine up off the shelf, I kind of feel a bit secretive, like I don’t want anyone to know that in my basket is a raving homo mag! So the other week, I went to the local store and took this rather naughty product from the shelf and carried on with my weekly shop. It wasn’t until I got to the check out where I was slightly apprehensive about what the cashier would think of me (This is sounding really insecure). What made the whole situation worse was that a couple of girl scouts were helping out and doing peoples packing. Now, do I just not say anything and let them discover my purchase for themselves? Or do I risk the chance of sounding rude by saying, ‘Its okay, I will do my packing?”

I decided to leave it and just hope that they didn’t see it. Well they did, and yes they laughed but I just gave them a stern look and went off on my way.  The magazine wasn’t anything rude as such, but it was just because it had a near enough naked man on the front and back cover that made me feel kind of exposed.

Back to my original point… So its not until I get home and open the pages of the magazine when I start cringing and almost wishing I didn’t waste my £4 on, but I don’t really have a choice. I am producing my own magazine and in order to get my market accurate I need to buy other successful magazines to see what works and what really doesn’t. Men, men, men everywhere I look in this bloody magazine. I get it, it’s a gay magazine, but why isn’t there a magazine that just focuses on decent current affairs that are effecting the gay community? I would read it, others might not but that’s where the gap in the market is, I don’t think there is a gay magazine that caters for men who aren’t necessarily single and don’t want to be bombarded by big bare bums on every page.

During my research I am discussing the issue of naked men in magazines. For my magazine, there will be no nakedness, just classy articles and well set up photo-shoots of a few models (all in clothes).  The magazine I am creating is called Brio magazine and will focus on articles such as Style, Gay marriage, technology, fag hags, PDA, travel and I will be including a few columnists on the way. I am really looking forward to this project as I feel strongly in my opinions on the topic.

Wish me luck..




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